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Why share your advertising space with your competitors? For less than a penny apiece, every placemat advertiser's ad is in front of a potential customer for up to 10 or 15 reading minutes before their meal arrives. Your ad is exclusive in your category.
You alone represent your category in the areas you want to target.

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This is a contract between Townie Enterprises, Inc. (herein after referred to as the publisher) and:

  1. In accordance with the terms stated below, the Advertiser enters this order for advertising space on the Publisher's advertising paper placemats.
  2. The total cost for the Advertiser's insertion, typesetting, layout, paste-up, negative and plate is $450.00
  3. The Advertiser shall pay the full price for orders under $500.00 for advertising insertion at the time of this order, and may request to see the copy of said insertion prior to printing.
  4. All checks shall be made payable to Townie Enterprises, Inc. only. Any discounts are subject to the advertiser's compliance with special (payment) terms.
  5. Publisher shall not be held liable for any restaurant closing or changes in ownership. In the event of this happening, the publisher will issue a pro-rated advertising credit.
  6. The Advertiser chooses the following Distributor/Restaurant(s) and advertising program (please choose from selection below — to select more than one restaurant, hold down the "Ctrl" key on a Windows PC or the the "Command" [] on a Mac PC while clicking on your choices):

    Special Terms: Additional discounts and terms for multiple restaurants on a single contract:

  7. The date of publication shall be between thirty to sixty days after signing this contract.
  8. It is expressly understood by the Advertiser that business of the same kind or nature may not be advertised on the same paper placemats, and that the Advertiser of this contract does have exclusive rights in this regard.
  9. This Publisher may at any time prior to printing revoke this contract and refund the full cost of the advertising insertion to the Advertiser with notice.
  10. Please inquire about our discount package pricing when considering multiple restaurants.
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